Unforgettable Experience at UNSYIAH Banda Aceh
oleh rahmats, 21 Februari 2012

There are so many things new I can find at Syiah Kuala University. Everything is new for me. I can meet with my new friends, new lectures, some new teaching and learning process and even some new activities that I have never found in Unigha yet. I have a lot of friends there. They are all so kind. Frankly, I am not good at getting Internet. Morphology, a lecture which is always forced me to get on Internet makes me panic all the time. Till I can not sleep at night because of my scare if I can not hand in my assignment in time. Alhamdulillah, I have many friends who always help me. Moreover, I can find some new lectures with different teaching and learning process. One of them is my morphologys lecturer, miss Ika Apriani Fata. She taught us greatly. We must present our lesson in group in each meeting.  She only ask us to read the lesson about the defenition of morpheme, for example. So we are looking for much knowledge by myself and then share it to the others. I think it makes a little difference between Uniga and Unsyiah.

Besides, there are complete facilities such as language laboratory and some libraries which contain lots of books. We will be impressed by lots of new books and even we will forget to have lunch. There are also a specific place for studying at New Fkip Building. Students tend to study in group,doing discussion,and share each others. Everything is enjoyable.

Morever, I also did some new activites. One of them is  Halaqah. In Halaqah, we got alot of input and knowledge from our Senior. Then we also shared about our full academic schedules and even our personal problem. Our Senior can give the best way to solve our problem. Campus organization such as Esa also do some progrmmes such as PPI, ngerujak bareng, breaking fast to together, and Esa contest. By doing that programmes, it is  able to increase solidarity and close relationship between Senior and Junior. 

So, my beloved younger brother and sister...
For the next exchange student programme, do not miss it...
Make the best time and reach it....

Written by : Fatahyatul
Majoring in English Education
Student of Jabal Ghafur University

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